USFSA Takes Action Across the Country for April 17 – International Day of Peasants and Farmers Struggles

USFSA joined La Via Campesina and hundreds of social movements around the world on the International Day of Action for Peasant and Farmers Struggles. Check out these photos from the actions organized across the US.

In Bellingham, Washington, farmworker union Familias Unidas por la Justicia, Community to Community, and their allies carried their boycott of Driscoll’s berries to Costco:

Bellingham 2    Bellingham 6

Across the country, the US Friends of the MST demonstrated outside of Brazilian consulates, calling for justice for peasant leaders who have been killed in Brazil, opposing the coup in Brazil, and lifting up the fight for food sovereignty.

In NYC, Gabriela NY and US Friends of the MST activists also memorialized the MST members killed in the Eldorado dos Carajás massacre and the peasants in The Phillipines killed in the Kidapawan Massacre:

NYC 3    NYC 1

In San Francisco, Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA), Colletivo Desbordar, Occupy the Farm, and Food First joined the US Friends of the MST:
SF action 1    SF action 4


In Washington D.C., the Latin America and Caribbean Action Network joined the US Friends of the MST:
DC 3    DC 7

And in Chicago, Latin American solidarity groups joined the US Friends of the MST:

Chicago 1