Fighting for a Democratic Food System: From South to North

A democratic food system: That’s how Joan Brady defines food sovereignty in action. Joan is a food producer in southern Ontario and is a member of the National Farmers Union of Canada and North America regional coordinator of La Via Campesina, the international social movement organization that popularized the term food sovereignty. “Not only am […]

Food Sovereignty Means Justice for Food Chain Workers

For Jonathan Roberts, a member of the Detroit Food Policy Council, food issues are inseparable from the labor that goes into producing, distributing, and preparing and serving food. That’s why he believes that any conversation around food sovereignty must integrate food worker rights and the perspectives of the people—often poor people and people of color—working […]

Food Sovereignty and Farm Justice: Jim Goodman of the National Family Farm Coalition

In this third short film in the #FoodSovereigntyStories series produced by Heather Gies and Colin Anderson, President of National Family Farm Coalition Jim Goodman shares his perspective on farm justice, a New Deal policy platform centered on protecting the wellbeing of farmers, consumers, and the environment. Take a look at @foodsovusa’s second #FoodSovereigntyStories video! Each […]