US Food Sovereignty Alliance Decries Police Brutality, Racism and Systems of Oppression

The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police illustrates the horrific racism and oppression deeply rooted in our institutions throughout our history, including in the food system. In this case it was particularly chilling how Floyd’s life was extinguished by the officers in a seemingly casual and methodical way, while witnesses pleaded for his life.

The USFSA condemns the brutal response of police and National Guard to people protesting for an end to systemic violence against Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

We stand in support of Black Lives Matter and other BIPOC-led movements in their demand to dramatically defund the police. We embrace the Movement for Black Lives’ call to divest resources away from policing and re-allocate them to the healthcare, housing and education our people deserve.

This latest eruption of police violence is happening during a pandemic, which is disproportionately hurting Black, Brown and Indigenous communities, laying bare the blatant persistence of white supremacy mentality, behavior and policies in our country.

As a grassroots-led organization, the USFSA stands with our members and allied groups in the United States and globally, and we recommit ourselves to the struggle — from our gardens and farms to the streets, in the halls of government, and in solidarity with alliances around the world — to dismantle systemic racism and ensure the basic human rights of all people, including the right to healthy and culturally-appropriate food, and control over the decisions affecting us,.

We know too how white supremacy manifests internationally in extractive economics and imperial foreign policies. As Assata Shakur said, I think anybody who is honestly struggling against racism must struggle against imperialism and vice versa.” Therefore, we call also for an end to extractive economic policies both here and abroad and echo our movement’s call for a just transition.

Here are just a few ways you can act and support those fighting to transform unjust systems:

In solidarity,

US Food Sovereignty Alliance