Call to Action! World Food Day & Food Week of Action

The US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA) Calls on Individuals and Organizations to Celebrate World Food Day and the Food Week of Action!
World Food Day – October 16, 2014
Food Week of Action – October 12-19, 2014

World Food Day reminds us that everyone has the right to be able to feed herself and her family. Yet our current systems are depriving nearly a billion people around the world (and in the U.S.) of the basic necessity and dignity of sufficient, culturally appropriate and healthy food. 

So we must turn our unjust food and farming system upside-down and focus our energy, organizing and resources on rebuilding local food economies — everywhere! Therefore, the US Food Sovereignty Alliance joins with La Via Campesina, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance and food sovereignty movements locally and globally to fight against multinational corporations responsible for privatizing seeds and for promoting chemical-dependent, industrial-scale forms of agriculture and fisheries that bankrupt, displace, and exploit fishers, farmers, farmworkers, and other food workers. At the same time, we celebrate and are mobilizing to establish a rainbow array of diverse and resilient communities and agro-ecological food production around the world.  

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