USFSA Actions


1. With Farmworkers!  
Stand in solidarity with farm workers and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and send a supermarket postcard or manager’s letter

2. With Family Farmers!  Push for transparency in the Trans-Pacific Partnership to make sure family farmers and people who eat are not hurt by this secretly negotiated international trade agreement.

3. With Food Workers!  
Become an ally of employees behind the kitchen door. Request a raise to the tipped minimum wage of $2.13 an hour for restaurant workers.

4. With Hungry People and the Environment!  
We’re burning our crops as fuel rather than using land to grow food. Tell the Obama Administration to waive the mandate for corn ethanol.


Other Actions

A. The Alliance’s Mother Earth Rights/Defense of the Commons Team is working to take action for seed sovereignty.  Find out more about the Pesticide Action Network North America’s efforts to fight against USDA approval of genetically modified corn and soy seeds.  We also want to invite groups to connect their local actions on World Food Day to seed sovereignty, whether it’s challenging corporate control of seeds or doing seed sharing in your community!

B.  The Land and Resource Grabs Team is monitoring land struggles. In Honduras, over 40 peasants in the Lower Aguan region have been killed in the past year because they are refusing to give up their land to giant plantations growing African palm oil to produce agro-fuel. Stand with these Honduran peasants. And in Vallecito, Honduras, the Garifunas are struggling to recover their ancestral land, so raise your voice in solidarity with them.

C.  Tell Land O Fakes (Lakes) to pay a fair price to its own member dairy farmers and to stop pushing GM. Download the postcard.

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