What is food sovereignty and what does it look like in the United States? Food sovereignty can take on unique meanings in different communities, but it always puts questions of power, control, and social justice at the heart of food and farming.

Food Sovereignty Stories is a series of videos from social movements in the United States working towards a more just and sustainable food system. These films explore issues of farm justice, migrant rights, feminism, radical urban agriculture, fighting the extractive economy, Indigenous cosmovision and farm justice, amongst others critical issues.

Please share and discuss these videos. We hope they stimulate new thinking, raise questions and allow us to all connect with the common struggle for food sovereignty in the United States and internationally.

If you are inspired to get involved with the USFSA, please visit here: http://usfoodsovereigntyalliance.org/get-involved/

Video 1 (May) Food Sovereignty and Justice for Farm Workers in Washington State


Video 2 (June 2019): Indigenous Cosmovision and Food Sovereignty in Alaska – Coming Soon.