Saad Dagher Talks Agroecology

By Paul Molyneaux, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance. Paul is one of the USFSA regional coordinators for the Northeast Region.   The term “agroecology” grew out of early 20th Century iterations like Girolamo Aziz’s “agriculture ecology” (1956), which were used to describe a more holistic approach to farming that utilized the best of the old an […]

USFSA organizes three Regional Assemblies

The US Food Sovereignty Alliance is organizing four regional assemblies in preparation to its IV National Assembly that will be held in Bellingham, WA from October 12-15. To Pre-register for the National Assembly, click here. The dates for the regional assemblies are: Southeast Region: April 8th Northeast Region: August 9th-10th Mid-West Region: August 24th thru […]

Farming with Influence

By Shalon Jones Mississippi Association of Southern Cooperatives Sixth in the South Africa-US Agroecology Exchange Article Series In October 2017, I was offered the opportunity to participate in a US-South Africa agroecology exchange, representing the Mississippi Association of Southern Cooperatives alongside Mr. Ben Burkett.  With much excitement and anticipation, many thoughts ran across my mind. Although this […]

En La Lucha No Hay Fronteras (In the Struggle There Are No Borders)

By Kathia Ramirez Organizer, CATA (Comite de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agricolas/ The Farmworkers’ Support Committee)  Fifth in the South Africa-US Agroecology Exchange Article Series In October of 2017, I had the opportunity to travel with 7 other comrades on an Agroecology Exchange to South Africa. This Exchange was a continuation of a process that had initiated […]