2014 Food Sovereignty Prize

The 2014 Food Sovereignty Prize Ceremony will be held at the Iowa Historical Building in Des Moines, IA on the 15th of October 2014. * Details at www.foodsovereigntyprize.org * For past recipients of the Food Sovereignty Prize, visit www.foodsovereigntyprize.org/the-honorees/. For questions, write to foodsovprize@gmail.com. “Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally […]


IV National Assembly / IV Asamblea Nacional             ESP – Informe de la IV Asamblea (2018) Nacional de la Alianza por la Soberanía Alimentaria de EEUU  La Alianza por la Soberanía Alimentaria de EUA (USFSA siglas en inglés) celebró su IV Asamblea Nacional del 12 al 14 de octubre de […]

USFSA Actions

CALL TO ACTION 1. With Farmworkers!  
Stand in solidarity with farm workers and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and send a supermarket postcard or manager’s letter 2. With Family Farmers!  
Push for transparency in the Trans-Pacific Partnership to make sure family farmers and people who eat are not hurt by this secretly negotiated international trade […]